Xiaodoukouer has been wearing Chinese dress since 2012.

She insisted on doing Hanfu self media to let more young people know and understand Hanfu, and founded her own Chinese Hanfu fashion brand-SHISANYU in 2016.

She combines traditional elements with modern fashion, hoping that the beauty of pre-millennium clothing can be brought back to the life of contemporary Chinese girls in a new, young and girlish form through her clothing works.

Hanfu will always satisfy the romantic imagination of young girls with Chinese aesthetics.


The brand name "SHISANYU" is taken from the Tang Dynasty poet Du Mu's poem - "gracefully curling up to thirteen years, the beginning of February at the tip of the cardamom", which means "the beautiful cardamom years of a young girl".                       


 品牌名“十三余”取自唐代诗人杜牧诗句-“娉娉袅袅十三余,豆蔻梢头二月初” 寓意“少女美好的豆蔻年华”    


SHISANYU hopes to make the beauty of pre-millennium clothing return to the life of contemporary national style girls in a new, youthful and girlish form through clothing works.

Brand Concept

Dedicated to making Chinese culture integrated into everyone's daily life, SHISANYU always believes that the best way to pass on culture is not to put it on the shelf, but to reshape it according to the style of the new era and integrate it into people's daily life nowadays.

When the traditional Chinese dress meets modern production technology and aesthetic interest, the oriental aesthetics will not only be appreciated, but also be worn by today's people.

Brand Vision

Responding to contemporary young people's concrete expectations of traditional culture with the beauty of clothing, and with the original spirit of inheritance, SHISANYU will become a bridge between Chinese culture and the younger generation.

Brand Characteristics: Cultural Heritage, Integrity and Innovation, Youthful Aesthetics