À propos de nous

We are SHISANYU, a clothing brand dedicated to the integration of Eastern and Western women's cultures.

Our brand started in 2016 and was built by a woman. Out of love for culture and design, I have gone through many crises and difficulties and persisted in myself until today.

We hope to break the barriers between women around the world through the language of clothing + design, and create a utopia for independent women just for love and beauty. Culture is like the sun, which rises in the east, gradually moves towards the west, and after another rotation, returns to the east again with the glory of the west. We are one, and the distance between us does not affect the common pursuit of beauty by women around the world. and yearning.

In SHISANYU, you are a sister from the East and you will find love from the root;
In SHISANYU, you are a sister of the West and you will find mysterious beauty that you have never seen before;
At SHISANYU, we are daughters of the world, sisters to each other, and icons of beauty.

Join us as we break down the barriers that now increasingly divide us with love and beauty and let the world see you.