What is Pre-sale?
Typically, this means you are purchasing a product that has not yet been produced. When the purchase is made, the manufacturer will begin production based on the quantity of orders received. Once the product is manufactured, we will ship it to you promptly. We will ship within 45 days, with delivery expected within 15-30 days after shipping. Transit times may vary depending on the region.
Pre-sale items in our store require a deposit upfront, with the remaining balance to be paid upon product completion. The deposit amount is 50%. Please be patient, we will notify you promptly once the product is manufactured and assist you in completing the final payment. Your order package will be shipped within 48 hours after payment, and we will also inform you via email.
Why are these products available for pre-sale?
In Hanfu fashion, pre-sale is a common sales method. Independent Hanfu brands or stores may require customers to pay a deposit or full payment to reserve products. This allows the manufacturer to produce according to the quantity of orders received, and customers have the opportunity to purchase desired Hanfu in advance.
It is well known that Hanfu originates from the traditional clothing culture of China. For Hanfu manufacturers, pre-sale is an ideal way to reduce production costs. Additionally, new designs from your favorite Hanfu fashion designers may not appeal to everyone. Therefore, designers use this method to check if there is enough order support for the production of new designs.
Will the clothes I receive be exactly the same as those in the pictures?
The Hanfu will begin production after placing your order. The processing time required for manufacturing items depends on the complexity of the design. If the product design is more complex, the production time will be longer. Manufacturers will cut, sew, and make the clothes based on the original paper sample. After the clothes are made, the manufacturer will conduct quality control. Therefore, the clothes you order will be exactly the same as the pictures. After inspection, the finished products will be shipped to the SHI SAN YU warehouse. Then they will be shipped to their destination.
Can pre-sale be refunded?
We understand that various circumstances may arise during the shopping process. Therefore, we provide a flexible pre-order refund policy to ensure your satisfaction. If you wish to apply for a refund, please contact our customer support team within 48 hours and provide the order number and reason for the refund. You can contact us via email.
We appreciate your support for our brand and will make every effort to ensure your shopping experience is enjoyable and satisfactory.