Wedding Dresses

Article published at: Jun 21, 2024 Article author: luyang
Wedding Dresses
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Harmony Blossoms丨Wish there were years to look back, and with deep love to white heads together

Dark jacquard interlaced with shades of red.
Golden lily branches" on the chest are twisted into a rounded pattern.
The waistband has a white leather belt with carved flowers and imitation jade.
The velvet trousers are soft and cosy.
Magnificent pink and white lilies surround the red bodice.
Gold threads and various embroidery methods.
The embroidery is exquisite and three-dimensional.
The 11-colour skirt is light and drapey and super slimming.
The three colours of the skirt are interspersed with shimmering filaments.
Gradient double-layer inner shirt is soft and comfortable
The outer sleeve is gorgeous and has an airy look, and there is also a trailing style available.