SHISANYU-Chengdu Museum

Article published at: Jun 28, 2024 Article author: luyang
SHISANYU-Chengdu Museum
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A Smile Framed for 2000 Years - Eastern Han Dynasty: Ceramic Dancing Figurine
She wears flowers in her bun and a scarf on her forehead. She is dressed in gorgeous clothes and feathered sleeves. Her swaying figure was already applauded in those ancient times.
Combined with her dance posture and props.
It is assumed that her dance is the Tap Dance.

North has the Tang Sancai, South has Qiong Sancai - Late Tang - Five Dynasties - Qiong yellow-green glaze high-footed porcelain stove triple curled lotus petals just like a bloom, holding a linden branch of the Immortal flying down to each piece of lotus petals. Lotus form lifelike, glaze is clear Qiong kiln porcelain boutique.



Only the Fragrance is Old - Tang. Hollowed-out Gilt Fragrance Sachet
A gorgeous gold-coloured incense sachet.
The exterior is hollowed out and carved with birds and flowers.
She is delicately and cleverly designed.
The outer wall, the ring and the incense burner are riveted together.
It can be tilted to prevent spilling of spices.

At the end of the Tang Dynasty and during the Five Dynasties, the Chengdu area was known as the "famous music capital", where the style of singing and drinking was deeply rooted in the countryside. The emperors of Shu were personally involved in the performance and appreciation of music and theatre, and the "popular music" used for annual feasts was developed unprecedentedly. Zhao Tingyin tomb unearthed Kabuki figurines painted and decorated with gold, brightly coloured, different demeanor
Is so far the most exquisite combination of painted ceramic Kabuki figurines found in the southwest.